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All 1 movie Review


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Explosions and dust are fun to watch

...but crimony, FIX THE DAMN ENDING MUSIC!

I can't stand how the music from the credits on so many animations plays on top of the other music when I hit the replay button, and then when it gets to the end, THE SAME MUSIC PLAYS ON TOP OF ITSELF! If you are going to have ending music then you had better learn to use


or something.

To me it seems that ending music is useless when there is a still screen at the end of an animation (Ok, if you had credits scrolling, music could make watching them easier to swallow. but really, who is going to sit around for three minutes after the animation is over watching the word "end?"). It just adds to the loading time. It's a waste of bandwidth and server space.

...sorry, it's been bothering me for a long time. My rant is over now.

Aside from a couple of explosions that looked like they were only one frame, the animations were superb. Watching it was enjoyable, and the music fit into it really well (...you know i don't mean the... ...nevermind). In any case, I admire your talent.

Oh, and what's with the subliminal kitty picture? =)