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GoreClock's Escape GoreClock's Escape

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

...It wasn't too suprising...

Nothing new, but it was pretty neat. Once i got past the first guard it was really easy.

Mario Fishing (C8) Mario Fishing (C8)

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Ok, you need to change some things.

This game needs some work. Honestly.

First off, You need to make it so the hook can't come up above the fishing rod or under the bottom of the screen.

Another problem was that the fish would appear in like one inch of the screen, but you couldn't do anything about it once they passed and moved across the majority of the screen. There was a lot of wasted space.

Some things you could do to fix it:
make it so mario could run from side to side
move mario more to the left or make the fish swim the other way... or both ways
make the things bigger or make the screen smaller so there is not lots ofpointless space for the fish to swim

some things that should probably be added:
music and/or sounds
make the timer more noticeable
make the amount of time that you have variable
a score counter

there are a lot more things i could say, but the things i've said so far are the most important. If you work at this you can have a decent game.

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-Reventure- -Reventure-

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hey, I remember you... =)

I remember playing this when you were using your old account, but didn't want to review it because i just reviewed wheelbarrow... but I feel more up to the task right now.

I liked the bosses. Mostly because they offered some variety in the gameplay. After you figure out how to kill one of the knights, you can pretty much take down an infinite number of them... After a while I would just jump over them to get through the game faster.

To be honest the story was sort of "Meh..." but I suppose it made the game something more than just some kid slashing up a bunch of knights for no reason.

The controls were just a tad on the difficult side, I often found myself pusing the attack button trying to jump and things like that.

The sound and the graphics were tied together well.

I liked how I needed to jump around and up trees to get through the game... Not sure why... It just seemed satisfying. =P

All in all, it's a pretty fun game.

RyanPridgeon responds:

lol, thanks for the long review! Glad to see ppl are starting to recognise me as a scripter

WheelBarrow WheelBarrow

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It wasn't bad

It was fun to play, but it got a little too easy and repetitive after a while.

On a more technical note... I don't know if this was an intentional part of the design, but some of the different hats made the gameplay either nearly impossible to win, or nearly impossible to lose.

If you were wearing a tall hat (the pirate hat for example), you would always get the clocks, without having to jump. A player would accumulate time without having to press any buttons, thus destroying any of the challenge of the game.

If you were wearing a wide hat the opposite problem arised. It became just too difficult to jump any of the obsacles.

If the changes made by the hats were sublter and more varied (in addition to a hat making it easer to grab time, another could make the wheel barrow move faster, and perhaps another would protect you from a specific type of obstacle...), then the hats could add a new layer to the gameplay... without totally destroying it. (but of course they don't HAVE to, ^.^ I may be putting too much thought into this.)

Also, having such a long time before the player jumped up when you press space was frustrating at first. In my onpinion, it should me more directly responsive. (of course that would change a good part of the gameplay)

Ok, I need to stop myself now. =P

The game wasn't bad. It had appealing graphics and sound that tied the game together. The gameplay was simple (which is neither a good nor a bad thing =) ) and amusing enough to keep me playing for a little while.

Keep making games. *nods*

Snipex-05 responds:

WOW! HUGE review! Thanks for all the constructive critisism!